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Basketball and Hip Hop is the worlds greatest influences to Impact all walks of life for a higher purpose .Court Kingz Challenges the next generation to check in the game , to earn there name to become LionHearted.

Non-Profit Since 2007

Court Kingz is an Inspirational Non- Profit 501(c)3 Non- Profit Organization that partners with Schools and Churches to help Impact there forgotten courts for the Kingdom of God.

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It was the summer of 2003 in Richmond, VA where Victor Martinez found his joy and received his calling to impact, what he calls today the Forgotten Courts of his beloved city . With speaking in Inner -City Schools to creating Basketball Ministry Outreaches, Martinez started a Nationwide Basketball Movement Court Vision , His Court.. His Vision . Martinez played Streetball all his life and he saw it as a away to reach young people by the masses ..

In 2005, Simon Martinez joined his brother Victor in the housing projects of Richmond to witness the movement . The basketball ministry movement created opportunities to travel to some of the most largest inner cities of America . In Miami Florida  Victor and Simon Impacted 1,200 Inner- City student's in Miami Florida With Rich Wilkersons Trinity Church Peacemakers Summer Outreaches in 7 Locations 

In 2007 With Court Vision Evolved into Court Kingz .. His Court.. His Vision which has impacted today over 1 Million fans in person in 37 Different states and in 8 Countries . 


PARTNER with Court Kingz today to impact your youth with solid Christian Message and highly lucrative fundraiser for all your non-profit needs!

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